Data and AI Ethics Policy


At SportBrain we respect our users’ privacy. This is why we don’t collect or analyse any personally indentifiable information, such as names and email addresses and we don’t request access to personal information in your device, such as contacts, photos or GPS location.

At the same time, SportBrain is a data-driven app and as such, we collect data on app usage. This is information that does not reveal your identity and is collected and analysed with the sole purpose of improving our services and adding new features appealing to our users. We don’t collect data just for the sake of building big datasets. We collect the absolute minimum that is necessary for us to keep improving the app.

Any analyses performed by us on app usage data, include a strong element of differential privacy, meaning that we focus on using aggregated data to understand general patterns on app usage, rather than tracking the behaviour of individual users. Last but not least, analyses are only performed by data professionals that have undertaken Data Ethics and GDPR training.

For additional information, you can read our more detailed Privacy Policy.


Recent advancements in Artificial Intelligence have made possible the use of such technology to provide extraordinary benefits in various industries and aspects of our lives. However, like all technology, it can have negative impact, unless it’s built and used responsibly.

AI lies at the heart of SportBrain. As such, we believe it is of utmost importance to take AI ethics seriously. We believe in innovation and disruptive technologies, but only when implemented in a responsible fashion

As a result, the SportBrain team sets the technical safety of the app and the quality of the football predictions as a priority. This includes daily assessment of the algorithm’s output, in order to quickly detect and rectify any technical issues or biases. Additionally, AI relies heavily on high quality data to learn from and make accurate predictions. Knowing this, we put a lot of effort in validating the quality of the data we collect about football and we even perform manual data quality assessments on a frequent basis.

Despite all the above, it is very important for our users to understand that even the most sophisticated Artificial Intelligence algorithms make mistakes and their accuracy can sometimes not be guaranteed. 

Lastly, we want to be open about what SportBrain’s AI does: It predicts the outcome of football games. This includes the full-time result, the half-time result, as well as the number of goals and shots each team will make in the game. We do not use AI for any other purposes right now and if we do so in the future, we will let our users know in advance.